Damn the weekends!

I love the weekend. I love not having to get up to the horrid squawk of an alarm, having an excuse to stay in my pajamas all day,  or go out late and overindulge in a selection of adult beverages. I wish they lasted longer and passed by slower. But weekends are extremely hard for me. I’m out of my normal routine and my eating suffers severely. Sometimes I go on a food spree and don’t get right until Monday.

“Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” ought to be playing loud and proud in the background. When it comes to me and my trigger foods…rumble it is! I act as if I’m never going to eat again. From a quantity standpoint, I bet I could give Joey Chestnut a run for his money…although he’s got me completely beat on the speed. I love food too much. Love the taste of it too much to not savor every bite. But is savoring 1,000,000 bites a day on Saturday and Sunday really necessary, Hannah?

Trust me, it’s not like I sit on the couch inhaling a full-size bag of potato chips or licking every morsel out of a Costco size can of chocolate frosting. My meal selections just aren’t as diet friendly as one would hope. Saw a good analogy earlier in the week to describe them…”more Paula Deen than Rachael Ray.” Ohhhh, the butter!

And it never fails, these weekends just keep coming around every 5 days. (Thank goodness!) I’ve got to find a way to work through them instead of having an out of body experience for 48 straight hours….finding it hard to fit back in my body at the end of the weekend. There’s not any room!

By Friday night, I’m sick of counting calories, prepping vegetables and washing pots. Healthy dishes take planning and prep time. Come Sunday morning, the guilt comes crashing down. By Monday I’m clinging to the back of the wagon, cursing my lack of will-power. Without fail, I get that awful guilt-ridden feeling that all my hard work and exercise during the week is for nothing. I know I have to break the cycle, but I’m struggling in my attempt.

Down 0.2 this week...not great...but better than a gain.

This never ending cycle of undermining my efforts is starting to get on my nerves, not to mention ruin my weight loss. I’ve got to stop sabotaging myself and my progress. There seems to be no rest for the weary…or the weary just can’t rest when it comes to weight loss. I will not give up!

“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.”  ~Author Unknown


You Know You’re Out of Shape When…

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Well today was the first day with the trainer…I know…so romantic! I really contemplated not going this morning at 5am when the alarm went off.  Not only was I worried about how badly I was going to hurt afterwards, but it was about 3 hours before my normal wake up time.

I sucked it up and went, though…and I’m glad. I definitely think it’s going to be a great opportunity for me to have a qualified individual push me outside my comfort zone.  I thought it was a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday thing…wrong. It’s Monday thru Friday. What doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger. The way my legs are feeling right now, however…I’m thinking it might kill me.

Otherwise…this past week was a relatively uneventful one. I did allow myself a cold beer (or 4) over the weekend…still managed a loss this week, although not a huge one.

Close to that 10-pound mark!!! I can taste it! (Ok…do not reward with food, Ms. Hayes….I can feel it – there that’s better!)

The post tonight is going to be a short one…I’m exhausted and know that alarm is going to go off sooner than I want it to. I will however, hone my inner Dave Letterman and leave you with a Top 10 list…

Here are the Top 10 Signs You’re Out of Shape:

10. Taco Bell sends you “Thank You” notes.

9. You cramp up while watching the NYC Marathon.

8. There is no combination of bread and cheese that you wouldn’t kill a man for.

7. You’ve ever torn something just trying to turn off the alarm clock.

6. When you look down in the shower all you see is belly and the tip of your second toe.

5. Your legs rub together so much that you’re not allowed to enter California for fear of starting fires.

4. Your knees left a suicide note on the bathroom counter.

3. You have a 0% chance of putting on your shoes without sitting in a chair.

2. You were passed at your last 5K by the 7 year old kid picking of the cones at the end of the race.

1. If you add your blood pressure reading to your cholesterol count, you get a number between seven   and eight hundred…thousand.

Hoping to be less sore the next time I type…until then…much love! ~ HH

“God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know it’s me.”