Hello world!

Well…here we go!!! Welcome to my blog!

I’ve started this as a tool for me to journal, in a technologically savvy way, my weight loss journey.  “Why a blog?” you may ask…well …I type much faster than I write – haha ok that’s a crappy reason…real reason:  I’m hoping that sharing my struggles and triumphs motivates me and keeps me on track.  The purpose behind this blog is to HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE! So there you have it…my reason.

This is taking an enormous amount of humility and courage to do.  I know expressing my desire to do this to a few people led to a response of “Why would you post all that for the world to see?”  Well…If no one knows what my goal is, then who knows or doesn’t know if I give up before the finish line?! I can’t let the world down! I must reach my goal!!!

Ok so maybe it’s not the world looking….yet. Whether I write this down privately, or type this here; I’m much more driven when I can look back and see how far I’ve come…and, more importantly, I am driven by encouragement from others. So here comes your assignment… I hope that you will feel free to comment on anything I post. I need your support, I need you to lift me up if I‘m defeated, and to praise my triumphs when I reach milestones.  Please do not hesitate to forward this to others if you so desire.  It would mean the absolute world to me to know that I have been a source of inspiration for someone else going through a similar voyage.

Weight loss totals will be listed under ‘Stats’.  I plan to update the blog a few times a week – more often if needed.  I’m finding that being able to type like this is amazing therapy!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this…I hope you’ll continue to follow along and join me on my quest as my pudge gets a pink slip!

Love to you all! ~ Hannah