Try It On For Size

So I was standing there a few weeks ago…in one of my least favorite places….the dressing room.  While in there – I took a few minutes to reflect on my surroundings.

That small 4×4 space always made me hate myself after stepping inside. The mirror mocked me…the lighting brought out my most unappealing dimples…and the dressing room attendant (is that even the proper term?!) with his shifty eyes, mocking my size selection and secretly scoffing to himself that there’s no way my ass was going to fit into those jeans. I avoided the dressing room if at all possible.

Now that 98% of my wardrobe is too big. (Trust me, I am not complaining at all.) – I had to visit my least favorite little room.  I decided to grab a few ‘safe’ things, and also got a few things I was convinced there was no way I’d look decent in. As it always seems to turn out, I take 6 things in…and maybe 1 works.  Well the tides, they are a turnin’! My safe things looked frumpy and my stretch things looked fantastic!

Now, instead of wanting to impale myself on the closest clothes rack, I’m stuck checking out my own ass in the 3-sided mirror. Instead of wanting to run to the closest shelf of sweatshirts to cover my bulge, I’m relishing in the fact that the clothing I’m trying on does not have X’s in the size. I get excited about trying on clothes now. Excited about experimenting with things I’d never considered wearing before. (Loving the skinny jeans with boots-look currently….which you couldn’t have paid me to go out in public in last year.)  Every time I’m in there I start singing to myself and yes…there is a little booty shaking that ensues as well…my new ‘try on clothes’ theme song:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I may look like a complete fool…but I’m feeling great! This new-found confidence is pretty kick ass! And you know what else is kick ass?!  My scale result this morning!

I was not expecting this at all! Had definitely psyched myself out to see a higher number.  Being without my scale for 2 weeks left me feeling a little out of control because I couldn’t monitor my progress/regression.  That proved to be a lot of worrying for nothing.  I’ve got this eating thing under control. I’ve got this focus thing under control. Now I’ve just got to trust myself…and get back in that dressing room to test out some smaller pants…

“Life is like a mirror…we get the best results when we smile at it.” –Unknown


2 thoughts on “Try It On For Size

  1. Great blog!!! Looking forward to seeing my own dress size changingn too. Love you and ALL that you are doing to keep yourself healthy and happy. Love, MOM

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